jona vance 

 I teach philosophy at Northern Arizona University in beautiful Flagstaff. Before coming to NAU, I did my graduate work in the Sage School of Philosophy at Cornell University, with a minor in Cognitive Science. My research interests are primarily in philosophy of mind, epistemology, and cognitive science. I also have interests in ethics broadly construed (especially moral psychology and moral epistemology).

News and Events
  • My paper "Emotion and the new epistemic challenge from cognitive penetrability" has been published in Philosophical Studies.
  • My paper "Cognitive penetration and the tribunal of experience" has been published OnlineFirst for a special issue of The Review of Philosophy and Psychology devoted to cognitive penetration of perception.
  • My review of Jakob Hohwy's book The Predictive Mind is online at Notre Dame Philsosophical Reviews.
  • Upcoming conference participation: Bayesianism in Perception and Epistemology (Ithaca, NY) and Philosophy of Mind/Epistemology (Bled, Slovenia).
  • Upcoming public philosophy events each month: see Philosophy in the Public Interest at NAU for more details.  
  • Recent conference participation: Moral experience (University of Arizona);1st southwest epistemology conference (University of New Mexico), Cognitive penetration in psychology and ethics (Harvard University), Epistemology of cognitive penetration (Harvard University).